A new year and a new decade, for the calender as well as for myself.  Today it’s official…I am30 years old!  I can hardly believe it.  I don’t feel any different, though the number itself is quite daunting.  At the moment what I really feel is exhausted, as I have been up since 4:45 and am now sitting in McCannan Airport in Las Vegas, waiting for our connecting flight to Long Beach, California.  It was a long but enjoyable holiday vacation in New York for The All-Star and I.  We enjoyed the company of family and friends, took a day trip to Manhattan to visit the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree and saw a great off-Broadway show entitled Sessions.  Saturday was the start of my birthday celebration with family during the day and friends at night and last night we shivered in the below zero wind-chill to watch the Jets clobber the Bengals and win their spot in the play-offs.

At present I’m blogging to you from my new Asus net-book which I’m very excited about.  The Eee PC is the perfect size for lounging and writing and I no longer have to fight for computer time with my more savvy counterpart.  The mini lap-top was a Christmas gift from my dad.  Other fabulous gifts received:  a new 4-piece Protocol luggage set with swiveling wheels!, two round trip tickets to Catalina Island!, and a Mark Sanchez Jets jersey! (women’s fit, of course).  We were also fortunate enough to have some snow which always tops the cake for me.  It was sad to leave all my loved ones, but it won’t be long before we’re back in New York and I can’t say I’m going to miss sleeping on a couch every night.  I may just have to spend the rest of my birthday in bed this year, just because it’s such a comfy place to be and I definitely have a few z’s to catch up on.

Thank you to everyone who made the trip so memorable.  Much love and hugs to all.

Tomorrow marks the start of my Turning 30, 30 day fitness challenge.  It’s a late-start work day which means no 6am alarm, thank goodness.  I bought myself a new pair of sneakers with some of the Christmas money from Grandmas and think I’ll kick off the challenge with some good stretches and a jog to the beach.  I rapped a little about the challenge with my good friend Julia, who happens to be a certified health and nutrition counselor and the founder of Long Island Holistic Health.  We decided a handful of nuts and fruit will be suitable pre-run fuel.  Tonight I’ll work on a food and activity layout for the challenge and welcome any suggestions from all you talented professionals out there.

If you’re interested, pictures of the holiday will be posted when I have a better Wi-fi connection.  Sorry for the “just-words” post.  Until California.  Old-lady Laura signing out.