Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today certainly has a buzz about it with the solar eclipse soon to occur. I’m sure most of you will find the time to go outside and watch. And as we take a moment from our busy lives to enjoy this natural phenomenon, let it be a reminder of the importance of the pause. It gives us an opportunity to stop and to notice how we’re feeling and what’s happening around us in the moment. It’s an opportunity even to reset — to begin again — whenever we may feel the need to.

This is what we practice each Monday morning over zoom. The pause. The reset. It’s an invitation to begin your week with a deeper feeling of calm and sense of clarity. Each time we practice mindfulness, we grow more comfortable with the quiet and more familiar with the stillness. I hope you’ll join us next week. Sign up for my newsletter to receive the link! Click Here!

And don’t forget, our first Mindfulness Meditation Meet-up is TOMORROW! April 9th at 7 pm at the Historical Society Museum in Seaford. It’s free to attend. A $5 donation to the museum is suggested. This event is open to all – it’s an opportunity to meet community and expand your practice. See flyer below. Register Here!

I will also be holding a Sound Bath Meditation on April 15th at 7pm at Fire and Ice Wellness Lounge in Wantagh. Experience the relaxing and healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls and guided meditation.

Sign up HERE!

Have a beautiful week.

Bye for now!