It’s here! Hooray! I love September!

I really do.

Everyone is home from their vacations and starting to get back into their routines. The weather is cooling off (a little) and there is a new buzz in the air.

While others think of New Years as the time for resolutions and new beginnings, I always have looked to September. Perhaps it stems from my school years when September meant a new grade, new teachers, new studies and hopefully some new clothes!! It always stirred up a feeling of excitement and curiosity in me. What would the school year be like? Would I make any new friends? Will I struggle with my lessons?  It’s certainly a time of wonder.

It was four years ago today that I packed up my life to start a new one in California. I didn’t know what to expect but I had ambition and a dream. The All-Star and I looked at it as a challenge. A challenge in life, a challenge in our relationship and a challenge in ourselves.  We have so far been successful and we continue to work to move forward.

Flying to California

First Sunset in SD


I’m not completely sure what the new season will bring for me this year but I can already feel the positive changes stirring.

I hope for all of you a happy and beautiful September. May you be excited by new beginnings and blessed with successful challenges!!