Sunday is The All-Star’s birthday and his family is flying us in to celebrate. Many thank-you’s to them!  So where am I now? In Salt Lake City airport for our 3 hour layover. Thank goodness for free Wi-fi. Many thanks to SLC. Wish we were staying longer to enjoy the `slopes. But I’m excited to get to the Big Apple!
SLC Airport C Gates
So, I’ve have become quite the traveler. Mastering the art of security checks, long layovers, and connecting flights, what I’ve struggled with is keeping my travel diet healthy. Sadly terminals aren’t exactly equipped with the healthiest of choices and their prices aren’t very budget friendly either, and for people trying to take good care of their health is necessary to have all nutrients, and that’s why supplements from sites as are so useful in this cases. The good news…while you can’t bring water past airport security, you can bring food. Today, with a just little thoughtful prep-time, travel no longer means unhealthy food or a hungry tummy. You can find more healthy tips on My body is thanking me and so is my wallet.

Here’s what I brought for tonight’s long night red-eye trek…

  • To avoid in-flight packaged snacks filled with sugar and salt…

…walnuts, raw almonds and dried cranberries.

Nuts and dried cranberries

  • To avoid the layover quick-stop pit-stop…

…a bunch of asparagus sauteed in creamy butternut squash soup (just enough to coat it with delicious flavor). Seasoned with crushed red pepper.

sauteed asparagus

  • To avoid a greasy egg sandwich or bagel upon our early arrival at JFK…

…Cut up apples, oranges and pears.

apples, oranges, and pears

…with some peanut butter for dipping. Yum!       peanut butter

Prep time for this travel meal was about 20 minutes. Can’t beat that! And it all fit perfectly in my carry-on luggage.

carry-on luggage

lunch bag

Also to save a buck, because I really dislike buying over priced water, I brought along my Klean Kanteen and my new travel filter stick which alkalizes water, making the fountain, or the faucet, an easy option for quenching my thirst.

stainless steal water bottle and travel filter stick

millenium h2o

So that’s it from my travel log. I’ll try to blog from my destination, though it should be a pretty fast and busy 48 hours. Hopefully they’ll be a fridge of provisions I can raid for the long trip back on Monday. Happy weekend! And Happy Birthday to The All-Star!