Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed the long weekend.

I spent some time upstate New York in a little town called Turin. The fields were filled with dandelions. I’ve never seen so many at one time. My oldest daughter, upon seeing the fields said, “Wow, that’s a lot of wishes.”

It was a lot. Millions of seeds all waiting to catch a ride on a gust of wind and plant themselves wherever they may land. It was as if the main crop of this town was hope. 

I learned that dandelions are called pioneer plants and they are usually the first to pop up in disturbed land, like after a forest fire. It makes sense, then, that children would blow away these seeds and make a wish. Their tenacity holds promise. They do not doubt they will grow strong where they land. Their hardiness and innate sense of knowing leads the way.

It makes me think of my own seeds of hope. Am I strong in my confidence to set them off into the world, knowing they will be planted and flourish? Is my inner knowing wise enough to guide me. Is the timing right? The conditions? Sometimes that’s difficult to believe. Other times it feels like the only option.

I think a lot about hope and its relationship to this sense of reason that often leads my way. Hope involves a strong desire but also sometimes faith that may at times feel blind. Reason keeps us grounded and practical, but can also lead to doubt. I believe when there is balance between these two, anything is possible. 

So how do we keep our hope and reason in balance? It starts with developing a deeper relationship with our SELF and trusting in the wisdom we carry. We do this each time we return to stillness. Each time we return to the present. Each time we return to the breath. It is where we find the hope to blow our wishes into the air. And the reason to get them where they need to land.

I hope you find all the opportunities to set your wishes free this week. I’m confident you have the wisdom to guide them. 

P.S. I passed my final board exam, so stay tuned for lots of seeds floating from this gal in the months to come! 

Have a beautiful week.