Happy Monday!

Is your week starting out slow like mine or are you charging full steam ahead? I feel like I’m waiting until Spring to go full force again with the charging energy but I’ve still got lots of exciting things in the works.

My main focus has been studying for a couple of exams New York requires so I can practice acupuncture here. I’m excited to get back to working hands-on with people. I am not excited about studying. After hours of it each day, I feel drained. So I’m focusing more than ever on my practices, and connecting, quieting, and cultivating my wellness through stillness and the breath.

How about you? How are you in your life and in your practice? I’m sure you know by now that I love to invite you to sit with simple questions like these. Taking the time to check in with how you really are is the best thing you can do for yourself…wherever you are on your journey.

In honor of Valentine’s Day this week, why take some extra time with yourself. Be your own best friend. Give yourself the attention you so easily share with others. Find the space within for that same loving kindness, gratitude, and compassion. You know I think you deserve it.

Here’s a guided meditation from last month that will help you do just that.

And in case you missed it, here’s a new meditation from last week that guides you through your senses. I hope you enjoy it.

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Thank you for letting me take up a little space in your day. I am grateful for you and I think you’re awesome.

Have a beautiful week.

Bye for now!