Happy Monday! It’s here again!

How lucky we are!

I mean it…I know not everyone loves a Monday. But what if we think about it in the sense that we get to begin again? A new week. A new opportunity to take on whatever is there waiting for us. It reminds me of what happens when we ground in the present. No matter what we’re feeling, when we pause, we gift ourselves with the opportunity to begin again.

Mondays come in hot for me. Just like the feelings sometimes. And I have a tendency to be pulled quickly in, forgetting to pause and notice my direction. (Maybe that happens for you too sometimes.) The tension builds – the mind starts in – there’s a disruption in the flow. The pause brings me back. It helps me notice what’s happening and what’s coming up.

That’s one of the reasons I write you this letter on Mondays. And it’s why we’re gathering for Creating Space Within. It’s my own little way of pulling myself back in. And an invitation for you, if you need it, to do the same.

I know I won’t always get it right. There’s a lot of practicing grace that goes into this journey. The victory is in remembering to pause and begin again, and to feel gratitude for the opportunity. Just like a Monday.
So here we go folks. Let’s invite in the week, and see what happens.

Much Love!!

Bye for now!