I’ve been such a lazy blogger this week. Actually, I’ve been somewhat of a lazy everything. I’ve spent so much energy playing nurse to The All-Star and staying ahead of the house-hold chores, I haven’t had much left to “focus on my path.” I’m making sure we eat right. That’s a must, especially when healing is concerned. But the one thing I haven’t been very good about is exercise. I’m learning that even the slightest tread off course in this department gets me wacky. Time is get back on it!


The toe injury really set me back. It certainly put an end to my 30 day challenge and it set the tone for a lazy February. But yesterday I played a double-header of softball and it was all a-ok. Today I feel ready to get back on the jogging trail.

I can now see how easy it is to get trapped in an every day lounging around lifestyle. And I’m really feeling the effects of my inertia. It’s becoming even more difficult to wake up in the morning, I have less energy during the day, I lack motivation. At first I thought it was because I was healing, then I thought it was because I was helping someone else heal. I now realize that it’s not over-work, but the “under-worked” that’s got me feeling so low. It would appear that my body needs exercise to keep itself at optimal capacity. Imagine that! I could give you a lecture on circulation and metabolism, brain waves and kidney function. But that would be boring, and I’m sure you get the idea. Bottom line is, at least for me, I gotta keep on movin’ in order for this body to wanna keep on movin’.

The beauty of the path to wellness is that there are no dead-ends.  Each of our paths have many cross-roads and each day we’re given the right to choose our direction. Today I realized how much sluggishness depresses me, and how easily melancholy makes me apathetic. It’s a spiral I can’t let myself get caught up in. I know, I know, simple to say but harder to do. So tomorrow it’s two miles or bust! No more excuses. I’m ready to get that blood pumping again! Wish me luck!


What do you do to stay motivated??