Happy Monday!

How are you feeling about the week ahead?

I spend a lot of time reviewing my week in my planner. I’m always reluctant to write lists but I do leave myself reminders and starred to-do’s. I received a new planner for my birthday and it’s quite large so there’s lots of room for all the things. I’m a bit of a minimalist though so I tend to keep it rather sparse…despite the fact that inside my head is far from empty. At any given time there’s a million thoughts driven by all the things and sometimes I’m surprised by which I choose to act on and which I choose to let go. Recently I’ve been focusing more on the letting go part.

You may have noticed I used the phase “letting go” a lot in my guided meditations. I started to think about what it means to let go and what I’m letting go of. After working with 1000’s of acupuncture patients, I’ve discovered that humans have a tendency to grip onto things. Maybe it’s an emotion, maybe it’s the muscles, maybe it’s a story. And we do this for a lot of different reasons –  we might be trying to protect ourselves from something, or we’re preparing for action, or perhaps we simply fail to notice that we’re still holding on – even if it’s something that no longer serves us.

That’s why in meditation we turn to those quiet places where we can start to pay a little more attention to what’s happening in the body, in our mind, in our energy, and in the way we react to everything all around us – and we begin to invite in that opportunity to let go.

We’re certainly not required to do this. We want to make sure we feel safe – that it feels okay. And sometimes it can take a while.

And that’s why we practice.

We practice creating that soft space within ourselves that we know we can trust – where we begin to hear a voice within us that speaks the truth –

so that we can feel safe

and we can let go.

This week I’ll be posting a meditation to help you with this practice. It will be an opportunity to let go of whatever it is that you might be holding onto, even if it’s just for a second. To soften, to trust, and to release. Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss it.

In the meantime, last week’s meditation is a perfect compliment to this practice. It focuses on calming down the nervous system and finding stillness. It’s in that stillness where we begin to notice. I hope it brings some ease to your day. Click the image below to listen.

Alright, my friend. Have a beautiful week.

Bye for now.