Another eventful week for this acupuncturist. Besides the start-up of my new Acupuncture practice at Earth and Air Wellness in Walnut Creek, The All-Star, after 6 years, finally decided to take the plunge and ask me to marry him! (Yay!)

Exciting times to say the least! My life seems to have taken a flying leap off the cliff of wonderment and my head is spinning from the glorious rush. But with the joy comes moments of slight panic. New business, new fiance. Marketing for Earth and Air, planning a Long Island wedding from California. It’s a lot for a girl to handle. Not to mention we just moved from our home! Phew, how am I going to it all?

Management is key to handling a plate this full. Management of stress, management of time, management of myself in general are what will keep me from wanting to throw my plate against the wall. It’s inevitable that life will get overwhelming at times and you’ll wonder how you’ll get through it all. It happens to me most often at night, when all the day’s work is said and done. The fear will get to me and I’ll break down. Then I’ll come to my senses, usually with a little help from The All-Star, and I begin to look forward to tomorrow. Sometimes it takes a little bit more. A hot shower, some exercise, meditation always helps. Even a few deep breathes can make the world seem so much more clear. Then I remind myself that if I had the strength to take on these tasks, then I have the strength to complete them. For me, bravery usually doesn’t come along for half the ride. Nor should you believe that it does for you.

So next time you feel like that plate of yours is getting a little heavy, take a good look at it. Do you want everything you’ve shoveled on? If the answer is “yes” then charge forward. You have the strength and the tools to succeed! All you have to do is stay mindful of what is important, take one bite at a time, and remember to enjoy the ride.