Today I decided to tackle one of my biggest household enemies: the cabinet under the bathroom sink. Eek Eek!

Such a sad, sad place, where cosmetic samples and sunscreens go to die. Where hair brushes and bottles of mouth wash are tossed in with unraveled razor chargers and travel tooth brush holders. But it’s also where I keep my make-up and my hair dryer so I have to look at it every day. It drives me nuts and today I could no longer take it! Forget savings, forget thrift stores, I drove my butt down to target to pick up some nice uniform containers so I could organize my bathroom cabinet.

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I took measurements before I left the house and brought the tape measure with me to the store. There’s nothing worse than coming home with a bunch of stuff crap that doesn’t fit. Here’s what I bought…

storage containers from Target

Cute, colorful and luckily, fit for the job!

Here’s my before.

messy bathroom cabinet

Such an annoying mess. Those hair care products were falling out every time I reached for the hairbrush. (See it there on the right?) Bleh, drives me nuts!!!

What else is back there??

back of bathroom cabinet

Is that VO5 shampoo!?  We don’t even use that brand!!  I think I friend left it with us back in 2005!  And what’s with the avalanche of travel bags?!?

clean cabinet

Aaaa…nice clean cabinet. I wish it could stay this way. Of course we have to keep the Mr. Bubble.

And here we have the after!

organized bathroom cabinet

Much better. Still not perfect but it’s good for now. There are some sunscreens and lotions in there that are getting one more summer before they hit the curb. The same goes for that puff on a stick. Hair brushes are nicely hung on the door with some hooks and travel bags are consolidated with travel sized toiletries in the back. I can handle this. 🙂


Organizing isn’t always fun but it feels oh-so-good when you’re done! Visit the Maid 2 Match website for tips on organization for any part of your house!

What part of your home is your organization enemy?

Speaking of enemies….the All-Star made me dispose of this guy yesterday…


Pretty gross, huh? I thought it would be more gross to clean up its remains so I captured it live and set it free outside. I’m so humane. But it was so creepy I went looking for the Ready Set Maids location in case something like that happens again!

Bye for now…