Well, we’re almost all moved into the new place in LB (Long Beach, CA).  The All-Star and I spent all of yesterday’s day light hours moving furniture.  I did my best to follow the rules of lifting.  It went well.  I got the “Good girl, two thumbs up” from the boy.  That’s always nice coming from your heart’s desire.  I remember as a young girl trying to show off to the boys with my own feats of strength.  Little did I know that often intimidates them (sorry guys, it’s true).  But just between you and me, I would have happily delegated some manly arms yesterday, rather than pump up my own moving two couches, etc.  In the end all that squatting and lifting was a good workout!

Here’s my Uhaul plug.  They really know how to boost your moving day confidence with that “U can do it!”  Don’t be fooled by the price tag though.  It cost a heck of a lot more than $19.95.

Uhaul truck

The All-Star taking off table legs to make room for more crap stuff.

inside truck

He’s so strong…and smart.  It’s a lot easier to carry tables when you take the legs off.

john moving

We finished just as it got dark…pretty good timing since we’re not paying for the electricity yet.

laura bikes

By the end of the day we were so happy with our job well done but totally pooped and very hungry.

moving over

This morning I woke up pretty sore but by lunchtime I was ready to head over and figure out the mess we made yesterday.

The All-Star drove up to San Fransisco late last night (he’s insane) to say good-bye to a friend who’s moving back to Poland (we’ll miss you Bogdan!) so I was left to my own devices in the apartment.  I didn’t mind.  Nesting alone further validated my strong woman-ly-ness!

I’m now back at the old place with not much more than an air mattress and a 15 inch TV (blah).  I’m going to attempt baking (which I never do) because I’m bored and all my “stuff” is at the new apartment.  Funny the things we can think of to do when there’s nothing to do and all your stuff is gone.

Wish I had some words of wisdom to share, but I can’t find my glasses and my brain is tired.  Not sure which came first in that senario.  Either way, measuring flour and sugar seems a little more my speed at the moment.  I’ll let you know how it goes and be sure to share the recipe if they are delicious.  Oh yeah, I’m making pumpkin cookies.  Wish me luck!