Eight months ago a friend told me he joined a great new yoga studio nearby my office. They were having a deal: $389 unlimited classes for one year! It sounded too good to be true. My first reaction was to run over and sign up. Then the “buts” and “what if’s” kicked in. Can I afford to shell out 400 bucks? Will I really go and make the deal worth my wild? What my friend said next changed my mind. He said, “You are a health care professional now and you use a lot of your time and energy helping others. You need to start doing something that is healthy for your mind and your body in order to be the best you can be.” Almost immediately, I got in my car and drove over to the studio, handed the woman at the desk my check card and I was on my way.

I started by going to one or two beginner classes a week. I found it a great way to wind down after work and settle my mind of restless activity. Soon I was attending the more advanced classes and practicing more frequently. After three months, Power Yoga had found it’s way into my routine.

Yoga has become part of my life. Even when I can’t attend a class, wherever I am I’ll do a few minutes of stretches and breathing.  Sometimes I’ll use a video if I’m really feeling unmotivated to leave the house. If you have “On Demand” they have some decent FREE classes on their fitness channel.

The benefits are greater than I could have ever imagined. I sleep well, my mind is clearer, I’m less quick to anger and my body looks and feels great. I feel a new deliberation and control in my actions. I’ve learned to listen to my body and answer to its needs. I’ve found a new sense of gratitude and peace.

My yoga practice is something that is all my own and my mat is a place that is only mine to go. I leave my family and friends and work at the door and use the time to reconnect with my body and my self. I know that when I’m feeling down or out of sync, I can return to my mat, without judgment, without fear. I do what my body is capable of doing. When I feel ready, I challenge myself. I thank myself after each time I practice, being grateful for my day and that I gave myself to the time to be.