Happy Monday!! I hope you had a great week.

Let’s take a moment to pause. Breathing in deeply for a count of five…and letting it out slowly and completely.

Alright, I feel ready now. How about you?

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of spending more time where the ocean meets the land. I even stole some alone time there yesterday. I found a peaceful spot by the dunes and dedicated thirty minutes to stillness. As I observed my mind attempting to wander from one thought to another, returning my focus again and again to the soothing rhythm of my breath, the gentle sound of the surf, the soft touch of the breeze on my face, I became aware of the impermanence of things. Even the vast ocean – always in motion, is continuously changing – never the same. Always exchanging its essence with the air and the land – even our own bodies. We are all part of the same particles of the universe. Placed here for a moment in time – ever moving, ever changing – just like the sea.

Yet the thoughts often feel so permanent, so necessary, they seem impossible to release. We allow them to linger, almost as if they were captaining the ship. But how could this even be? If everything else in existence is transient, how could the thoughts alone be fundamental to our being? They aren’t. They’re just thoughts. No different from the passing clouds. Here for a moment and gone the next – holding only as much significance as we allow them to. They may leave barely a ripple in their wake, or bring a storm even the strongest ship struggles to weather. It is then especially that we must take a pause and remember, no storm lasts forever. And the thoughts above all things are the least tangible, the least permanent. Calm can and will return.

This week, I invite you to take a few moments practicing the art of letting go of the thoughts. Observe what transpires when you don’t follow them down their rocky path. Experience the sensations of simply existing in the moment – connecting with the breath – igniting the senses – participating in the ever-changing exchange of all that is…right now. How fortunate we are to be a part of something so unique and pure. Every moment different from the last or any to come. So beautiful in its impermanence. The authentic present.

Here’s a quick guided meditation to help you along.

I also created a special guided meditation with caregivers in mind. Those of you who give so much of your precious time to others, whether it be with a child, a patient, a student, a parent…you too deserve a moment to gather yourself and rest. This guided meditation is my gift to you.

I hope you have a beautiful week, my friend.

May you experience life as the wind in your sails rather than the anchor of your ship.

Bye for now!