Happy Monday!

I hope you are well.

I’m feeling really good today. Back to my old self physically, and always working on myself mentally…and taking the time to notice.

I’ve always been one to pay attention – to the details of the things – the synchronicities. My awareness teeters between what I believe to be real and what I hope is real. My mind causes me to question. My heart calls me to follow. Sometimes they meet in the middle. That’s when the magic really happens. When we surrender our heart and thoughts to the unknown, without question. I guess that’s what they call faith – complete trust. Easier said than done no matter what doctrine you follow.

This weekend I attended a small concert at a local wellness facility. It was an opportunity to gather in community to listen, and sing, and learn. It reminded me of church in a way. And ironically the message was similar – freeing ourselves from the stories of the mind – finding the goodness in the heart – connecting to a universal truth, whatever it may be. It’s always there for us to explore.

That’s what dropping into stillness and creating space within is all about. Cultivating the opportunity to listen, to connect, to learn. To feel more one with whatever this is all about. Without having to give it a name. Without judgment. Just being. And being grateful for the opportunity.

I was so grateful for the opportunity today to guide some beautiful humans in our first Cultivating Space Within group session! We’ll be meeting again next Monday, March 5th at 9:30 am EST over Zoom. I hope you can join us!

Click here to sign up for the link!

I hope you have a beautiful week, my friend. And I hope you find some opportunities to stop and notice – both what’s around and within you – and see what comes up!

Be well!

And bye for now!