Happy Monday! It’s here again!

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful autumn season. Are the leaves changing where you are? We’re just beginning to feel the shift here on Long Island. The nights especially carry a chill. The air feels crisp and invites the desire to snuggle up. A perfect opportunity to turn inward.

In Chinese medicine theory, Autumn is the time of the Lung – otherwise known as the gentle canopy. As we watch the canopy of leaves turn overhead, we’re called to be more aware of our lung health, and the breath. The emotion of the Lungs is grief, which we may feel more of this time of year, as the distractions from the bright sun, the Yang, start to wane. In meditation we learn to lean into these feelings and grow more gentle with ourselves – slowing the breath, noticing it flow in and out of our lungs, observing the emotions, much like the breeze as it rustles through the trees.

I know daily life may not always encourage this slow down – it certainly hasn’t for me – and it may feel like it takes greater effort to make time for you. In our meditation group last week, we realized how just showing up and taking a deep breath made us feel a little lighter. That’s what is so beautiful about the breath — it’s always there for us. And each time you show up to the intention to take a moment for yourself, you create a little more space for stillness – and in that stillness you find the break you crave.

Here’s a new Guided meditation – Pause and Connect Within. I hope it helps you do just that.

I’m off now to enjoy time with my girls who are home from school. Perhaps we’ll find some pretty Autumn leaves. A reminder that sometimes it’s ok to let go of things. I hope you find an opportunity to let go of some to-do and take time for ease.

Have a beautiful week! Stay tuned for more announcements and more group meditation sessions soon!

Bye for now! ❤️