I don’t know anyone who loves to get up in the morning, especially in the wintertime.  Hitting the snooze button for another 9 minutes of pleasant slumber seems so much better than braving my warm body for the cold a.m air.  I’m, however, finding that although I am notorious for this snoozy act, once up, I’m quite the morning person.  In fact, it may be my favorite time of day.  It’s still quiet from the night before, my mind is fresh and clear for writing.  On this particular peep of day, I was happy to find it was already light at 6:30am, and, with the winter soltice being in 5 days, we can expect earlier sunrises till at least the spring.  All this aside, I still dred that alarm.  How can I resist so earnestly what I hold so dear?


Driving past the neighborhood high school this morning and seeing all the young teenagers crossing the street for school, reminded me of my own high school days.  Homeroom started at 7:25 am and (most of the time) I was there, even after my 3 am bedtime.  Now, however, even though I am officially a morning person, the idea of a 6 am alarm makes my skin quiver.  What’s the deal?  If my lackadaisical teenage counterpart could do it, surely the adult me can do so too, especially after 8 hours sleep.  And knowing the I’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed once I’m off my pillow should help too, right?  You’d think.

Part of my turning 30 celebration (ACK! I’m turning 30 in 19 days and yes I’m going to celebrate!) is a 30 day fitness challenge.  I’m planning to wake up at 6 am every morning and go for a jog and/or practice my yoga.  The idea frightens me but it’s also exciting.  Of course part of the challenge will be the waking up part.  But I feel that since I will soon officially be an adult, (30 does mean I’ll be an adult, won’t it?), that it’s high time I start thinking like one, or at least acting like one, I don’t think I’ll ever not think like a 15 year old.

So here’s to the morning and all the more hours I’ll be enjoying each day.  I hope I can do it.  I think I can!