Happy Monday!

How are you?

I’m feeling really good this morning after our Creating Space Within Zoom call. If you’d like to enjoy replay, you can find it in our facebook group → Facebook Group.

I shared about how it can feel difficult to show up on a Monday.

That maybe it would be easier to find stillness on a different day, when I’ve already found some ease or rhythm to the week.

Upon saying it out loud to my husband this morning, I quickly realized that showing up on a Monday morning, even though I might feel unprepared or distracted, is what the practice is all about.

We show up in the present…

Even though we may feel a resistance.

Even though it may not be comfortable.

Even if we’re distracted.

We slow down for a moment…and refocus our awareness.

We cultivate a space to grow and heal and ground in our intentions.

And we begin again.

Hopefully with a little more softness.

A little more confidence as we continue on with our day.

That’s showing up for me.

Showing right now may look different for you.

Maybe it’s taking a quick walk and noticing the change of seasons.

Maybe it’s paying attention while you eat and really enjoy that sandwich.

Maybe it’s focusing on three deep breaths during a commercial break – or after a stressful work call.

Mindfulness doesn’t need to be fancy. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

It’s really just about noticing.

If you like to be guided here’s a quick 5-minute meditation to help you practice.

I hope you have a beautiful week!

Bye for now. ❤️