Happy Monday! 

And Happy Summer! Are you ready for it?

I love the summer. The warm weather, the beach, the late nights with friends. Just the idea of summer makes me think of all the fun potential. But it’s not all about the doing. It’s about the doing nothing too. After all, the longest day of the year has already passed – we’re on the down swing. It’s a reminder to slow down and enjoy the tender moments too. 

I remember as a kid I used to feel like summer was over as soon as July 4th passed. Perhaps it was the sun setting a bit earlier with every passing day or the numbers on the calendar reminding me we were ever closer to a new school year. As an adult I’ve often been eager to fill the weekends with excitement and fun, taking full advantage of every free day. Squandering as little time as possible. In recent years though, that sentiment has changed. The summer is now a break from the scurrying of the school year. A time to replace the racing from here to there with life a bit more idle. That’s where “slow down summer” comes in. In part it’s a request for summer to “please, stay a while.” In another way, it’s a reminder for me to take those extra moments to sit back and enjoy the season. A reminder that life isn’t always about the doing. It’s about the being.

No matter if you’ve got tons of great plans or are looking forward to a whole lot of relaxing this summer, remember to give yourself the space to “just chill.” Taking quiet moments to soak in the scene, wherever you may be. Turn up the good tunes on that long drive. Or sit on the porch until the fireflies come out. Steal as many minutes as you can. You definitely deserve it. 

This week’s meditation is an invitation to grow your awareness of being in the present. We’ll connect with the breath and use it as our foundation for stillness. I hope it helps you find some space for yourself in your day. If you enjoy it, leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you! 

That’s it from me. I’ve got one kiddo home and she’s eager to spend some time with mom. 

I hope you have a great week. 

Bye for now.