Hello! Happy Monday! I hope you are well.

I’m deep in my studies today but I wanted to take a break to say hi and offer some motivation. Breaks are important. And so is motivation!

That’s what finding stillness is all about. Taking breaks. Slowing down. Finding the space between the thoughts. Giving your being a moment to rest or catch up. And maybe throwing in a bit of positivity and gratitude. It doesn’t always feel natural or comfortable, but cultivating this habit is well worth it for your wellness. And habits are usually only tricky when you’re first getting them started. Soon they can become just as much a part of your routine as your morning mug. 

If you’re interested in starting or nourishing your daily meditation habit, InsightTimer is a helpful tool. They’re currently hosting a free 14-Daily Challenge. The theme is Establishing a Positive Mindset. Download it here. And while you’re in the app, be sure to pop over to my profile and click the follow button. You can find all my meditations on YouTube, but InsightTimer is completely ad-free and you can also use it to track your mood and your meditation habits! I don’t know about you but I love a good habit-tracker. 

Here’s last week’s video upload to Youtube. It’s an invitation to turn our attention inward, reconnect with our breath and let go of that which no longer serves us. I hope it adds a sense of lightness to your day. 

Have a great week. 

Bye for now.