Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was filled with lots of food, family, and feelings, especially feelings. (Thank goodness for pie.)

The holidays always bring up feelings for me. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Almost always intense. There’s just something about this time of year that amplifies everything going on inside. But the more I grow, the more I learn to recognize my thoughts and manage my feelings. I sure haven’t arrived at my final destination of mental and emotional wellness, but I’m learning to be okay with that too. Life is always changing. We’re always changing. And they’ll always be a new hurdle to tackle…one we’ve never dealt with before. We can’t expect to get it right everytime. And if we try to prepare for every little thing that might happen, that can set us up for discomfort too. The best, and sometimes more challenging, way to go is to take it as it comes. Use your energy to be in the present. It’s the only place we find the truth, the true truth. The rest is just expectations, predictions, and memories. And while those aren’t necessarily bad things, there still might not be room for them at the table.

So, as we journey onward through this holiday season, I offer you the reminder to stay grounded in the present. Take a deep and intentional breath. Take ten if necessary. Find something that anchors you and keep it close. And remember all that you have to be grateful for…all that exists in the here and now.

And don’t forget our 21-Days of Gratitude Challenge kicks off on Friday. Sign up here if you haven’t already. Together let’s make this holiday season one filled with gratitude, joy, and most importantly peace of mind.

Have a beautiful week.