Happy Monday!

I hope this email finds you well.

As we embrace the expansive movement of this Spring season, I also find myself slowing down – looking for solace in stillness. That is the balance of the Yin and Yang in this time of year. Spring embodies this duality. The action and rest. Take for instance the mother dove and her nest. She busily builds it – playing her part in the renewal of life. Then she patiently rests – awaiting her next role in the cycle. She embodies a natural wisdom, gracefully attuned to the rhythm of existence.
Similarly, within each of us lies a dual nature: the observer and the observed, the ego and the humble self—simply being. In meditation we explore this internal dichotomy. – creating space for both to exist harmoniously. Watching and participating. Waiting and growing.

American author and psychotherapist Mark epstein writes “Meditation is not a means of forgetting the ego; it is a method of using the ego to observe and tame its own manifestations.” Through introspection, we deepen our connection with ourselves, growing more attuned to our thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations. Gradually, we become more at ease with the present moment, choosing our responses mindfully rather than reacting impulsively. The divide between our expectations and reality begins to blur, allowing us to embrace the full spectrum of our existence with acceptance and grace.

In our meditation group today we explored the projections of the ego and how it can pull us away from the richness of the present. Through consistent meditation practice, we cultivate a sense of tranquility amidst life’s uncertainties. We relinquish our attachment to future outcomes, learning to anchor ourselves in the here and now. Just as the mother bird instinctively tends to her nest, we, too, discover an innate wisdom guiding us along our journey. We cultivate our trust in this wisdom, and we learn to seek where we know we lack.

This week I invite you to observe this duality – both in nature and within yourself. Practice finding the space for both to exist. And as always remember gratitude.


A few brief announcements before I leave you to the rest of your day.

Tonight I’ll be hosting a Sound Bath Meditation at 7 pm at Fire & Ice Wellness Lounge in Wantagh, NY. It’s just $25 to participate. I have a few spots left. Message me if you’d like to join us.

Next month I’ll be hosting our second Meditation Meet-up at the Historical Society in Seaford. It will be on May 14th at 7 pm. Save the date!

Finally, I’ll be on the road next Monday so may not be able to host our Creating Space Within Meditation Session. I will be looking for a replacement host – or perhaps we’ll just briefly gather together from Route 95. I’ll be sure to send an email about it either way.


Alright my friend, have a beautiful week. I look forward to sharing again with you soon!