Happy Monday!

What’s on your mind?

My mind has been busy as usual, attempting to bring reason to the natural flow my energy likes to follow.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the dilemma between the head and the heart.

The head likes to follow rationality, which I refer to as reason, while the heart follows the emotions, which I think of as hope or trust.

As we strengthen our mindful awareness, this feeling of trust grows. We become more intune with our visceral reaction to things and the thinking mind with its questioning and doubt, though still important, becomes secondary.

In other words, we learn to trust our gut.

Is there a path your gut has been leading you on lately?

Do you find a “voice of reason” guiding you in different directions or, even worse, leading you to the land of confusion?

(I find myself in the latter more often than I’d like to admit – cripplied by the idea of too many outcomes and remaining static in my decision making. Thankfully I almost always find my way back into motion, pushing that doubting voice aside and letting the hope shine through.)

It’s a tricky game we have to play with ourselves sometimes.

But like any game, with practice we can improve.

The best outcome usually comes when we use our intuition (the gut) and our reason together. Weigh your options without over thinking, and listen to what feels right.

You’ll feel more confidence in your decisions and learn to trust yourself as your guide.

As I say again and again, you know the path that’s best for you!

Believe in yourself and your inner wisdom.


In case you missed it.

Here’s last week’s guided meditation:

I’ll be posted a great one this week. It’s all about leaning into the balance. Perfect for this time of year with the season change coming!!

Also, I’m currently looking to share guided meditation to groups virtually and in person. If you or someone you know might be interested in this, let me know!

I recently shared a meditation with Attorney Melanie Little’s viewers on Youtube and they are already asking for another experience! Click here to check to check it out!

I hope you have a great week, my friend.

Bye for now.