It was about 18 months ago that my husband and I decided to leave California and plant ourselves back on the East coast. For 15 years we’d been cultivating a life that was all our own. We had businesses, friends that were like family, and a whole new world at our fingertips. So what made us decide to move away from this life that seemed so fantastic? We realized what it lacked was a base. That place we could always come back to after a long journey of exploration and discovery and say “Ahh, this is home.”

In true wanderer style, we quickly decided we wouldn’t just hop on a plane, but rather take a longer way. We would pack up our children and our camper and meander across the United States. We would carve out time to travel with the purpose of finding a static place to call home. At the time I thought it would be just a vacation. A fun road trip I hoped my children would always remember. An instance where, instead of rushing, we would hold the precious gift that is time and live on our terms for a while.

What I didn’t expect is that our many weeks on the road and the months that followed would be a journey so much deeper than the miles driven. It became one of self-discovery. Of hard looks within and adoring gazes outward. Of the evolution of a path that took the past and the future and melded it into a blended existence in the present. Over the next however long it takes, I will like to take you on a little bit of that journey. Pictures, moments, ramblings, and insight into four people’s adventure. Two leaving all they knew behind and two traveling back to a place that was all too familiar. This is our Route to Home, and all the struggle and joy and beautiful unexpected excitement that came with it. I hope you enjoy!