Happy Monday!

I hope you are doing well today. I’ve had to check in with myself a few times already, trying to figure out where I’m at today. Sometimes it’s not so obvious. Some days require a few extra minutes to let the dust settle. I would say, for the most part, my true state is almost always good. But there are days when the heaviness of the world might feel greater than my own inner truth. And I’d certainly be lying if I said I’m immune to reacting to it. Fortunately, as I grow in my practice, I’m reminded that even when the clouds hanging over us feel too thick to clear, they’re just like anything else – energy that is always moving, always changing. When we remember this, it’s easier to feel hopeful, and perhaps be proactive in the change. Or at least try to explore the space between the moments, no matter how narrow they may seem.

We can relate this to the thoughts as well. We may feel like it’s impossible to clear the mind – to be free of the thoughts. And maybe for most of us, that’s true. The mind will always be thinking. But the practice really isn’t about trying to stop the thoughts from coming. It’s about learning to let them float by. And continuously and consciously returning to the space between the thoughts. Even if it’s just for a second. A peaceful, quiet, fragile second. Maybe that’s all it is or ever will be. And then another thought floats in. And we see it, we acknowledge it, and we remember to let it pass by, returning once again to the quiet space between — maybe just for another second. We return again and again and again to this space between the thoughts. And there we connect with the breath, or explore other sensations in the body. We practice lingering. Without judgment. Without commentary. Just being.

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Thank you so much for allowing me to share these pieces of myself with you. I am so grateful. And thank you to those who comment and reply. I value each of these interactions so much. They light me up and add strength to my steps as I continue on this journey. It is my intention with these sharings to do the same for you.

Have a beautiful week.

Bye for now!