I haven’t had much time to blog…or bake, but a friend just asked me what I do with persimmons so I figured I’d blast from the past you and share re-post a delicious recipe for Persimmon cookies that I made this time last year.

persimmon cookies

Actually, I’m realizing as I write this that I was planning on baking tonight. Just a simple pumpkin bread from the box that I picked up at Trader Joes. Not as good as the real thing (which I should be making because I do have a sweet pumpkin just waiting to be used) but my guests will have to settle for a less-than-from-scratch version instead.

What guests?

My beautiful sister Theresa and her boyfriend Justin are coming to visit! I’m very excited. Not super thrilled to have to drive to San Jose tonight to pick them up, but they are worth it! A fun-filled weekend is in store!!

Aren’t they cute?