I used to never drink coffee.  Not ever.  Well, in high school and college a little but when I was nineteen a doctor told me I had cysts and caffeine would aggravate them so I stopped cold turkey.  And I was quite fine without it.  When folks offered me a cup I’d kindly decline or ask for some tea. I even got out of a date with a silly boy who asked me out to a coffee shop.  “Sorry I don’t drink the stuff.”

That is of course until my final year of grad school when I could no longer justify eating candy bars to get through boring lectures and decided to give coffee another go.  Bad move.  Soon my best best French press and coffee was a staple at every breakfast meal and it’s been that way ever since.

So lately I’ve been feeling a bit of anxiety which I can chalk up to several causes but think caffeine isn’t helping so it may be time to quit.  Crap.  This is not gonna be pretty.

coffee mug

This was my Christmas gift from The All-Star last year!

So anyway.  Yesterday marked Day 1 of my attempt to not drink coffee.  And it went pretty well. Of course, I didn’t have work, so that helped a bit.  Today I woke up and said flat out, “I’m having coffee today.”  So much for will power. Day two FAIL.

But it was just one cup.  I’m not that crazy for the stuff.  It’s more like a routine at this point, I think.  I love sipping my coffee in front of my computer reading emails and writing blog posts.  It makes me feel, I don’t know, sophisticated or something.  Actually, it makes me feel jittery which is why I’m thinking it’s not the best for me and I’m on the notion that I need to be paying better attention to my health and since I’m not about to quit wine, coffee it must be.

I’ll let you know how I do. I’m already dreading the thought of going without it tomorrow. And I hear the withdrawal gives you headaches.  Great.

Anyone else out there off the muddy stuff?  Got some advice?