Here it is, Day 1.  I realized last night that I was only mildly prepared but part of a challenge is facing the challenge and overcoming obstacles that may have been overlooked.  So last night I set my alarm for 7:56 am, a modest time since car-pool doesn’t pick me up until 10:30.  This morning, when that alarm went off, my arm reached for the snooze botton and my mind began the game of reasoning.  Finally at 8:25 my mind lost and my body got up to begin its test.

Fitness for Day 1 – a 2.4 jog to the beach and back.

jogging route

I left at 8:55 am suspecting that it would take me roughly 1/2 an hour.  This isn’t a straight run.  There are lights so time for stopping needed to be factored in.

Day one Jog

Off I went!  Do I look tired?  I was.  Yesterday was a long day. All part of the challenge!

So the run took exactly 30 minutes as predicted, I made sure to take my lean muscle nutrition supplements way before the race.  I made sure to stop the running at the last light and walk the rest of the block back as to bring down my heart rate.

Challenges faced:

  • Menstrual cramps (got my period today – how’s that for an extra kick in the butt)
  • Not-so-supportive sports bra
  • Dog poop I almost stepped in


  • New sneakers are comfy and feet feel fine
  • Remembered to stretch before
  • Warm sunny day and beach was beautiful
  • I remembered to put on sun screen

Things to remember

  • Avoid curbs – ankles have a tendency to roll
  • Need to get mace for early morning jogs
  • Would like to bring phone to take pics of ocean or make emergency call if necessary
  • Make better play-list for Ipod, although today’s shuffle really did come through for me
  • Afterward stretch before I blog

So that’s it folks.  Day 1 has begun.  I started it off right.  I had a post-run protein shake which I think next time I’ll have that before the run.  My lungs started moving some of the congestion that accumulated in the cold weather of NY and my back was a little achy but some more stretching and a hot shower fixed that right up.  Otherwise all A-OK.  Stay tuned for more to come.

For those of you following along with me on this challenge, feel free to modify as you wish.  Type of exercise, duration, and distance should all be to your capacity.  Just remember, this is a challenge, so take your time and be kind to your body.  Listen to what it has to say and push it when you’re ready.  Success is feeling good, not being hurt and tired.