Happy Monday.

I hope you are well.

I’m happy to be sharing with you today. Summer starts this week! And as we move into this summer season I’m reminded to acknowledge how it feels. Summer has a lot of energy. And it can feel like this energy is moving very quickly. It’s expanding and exciting.. We can see that in the nature all around us as well. Everything is in full bloom. Full expression. And there are lots of opportunities for us to feel joy, to be in motion, and to be in our own fullest expression.

But we’re also reminded of the need for quiet and stillness to balance that energy.  Finding the time to offer to ourselves and to nurture the space within is so important. It’s also important for us to connect with the sensations we’re feeling So we can become more aware of what our needs are as we move through this time; so we can honor them.

So again, as we move into the summer season. Let’s take this opportunity to connect within – to acknowledge how we’re reacting to all the things – inside our body – outside our body – in the mind – in the sensations – in the emotions.

Notice where you’re excited. Notice where you’re resisting. Where can we find the energy that’s right for us as we move into this summer season?

Today’s Creating Space Within guided meditation gives us an opportunity to do just that.

You’ll find the recording in our private Facebook Group as well as my Youtube channel. I’ll love to have you join both communities.

Live meditation groups are postponed for now as I navigate my own summer energy. But you’ll also soon find me in person at Pagoda Acupuncture & Wellness where I’ll have acupuncture hours Mondays & Thursday. For more information visit their website!

And of course always feel free to reach if you have any questions or would like to work together!

I hope you have a beautiful week, my friend! Enjoy the Summer Solstice!

Bye for now.