Happy Monday!

I hope you are well!

We set our clocks ahead yesterday. And this morning someone said to me, “They took a whole hour of our lives!” And while that may seem true when thinking of it in terms of the clock or hours in the day, no one can ever take from us the present. No matter how you keep track of time, be it minutes on the clock, days on the calendar, months in the year – we always have the present – whether you live for 50 more years or not, it’s the only guarantee. The present is what we know is true.

I invite you to meditate on that as you practice this week. The present is your truth. And when we meditate, we cultivate the space within to make room for the present. We set aside the ideas of the past and future and just be. And remember – if it gets tough or uncomfortable, you always have the breath. Allow it to ground you. Invite it in slowly and with intention and let it out again, just as slowly and completely, before you begin again.

I hope you have a wonderful week. I look forward to seeing you soon on our Monday morning Zoom call. And stay tuned for more exciting offerings in the Spring!

Be well!