Buy fresh, buy local! Yeah we get it, but what if we’re too busy to find and peruse our local farmer’s market. “Tell me what to look for in my local super market for heaven’s sake.” Check out this short list from of perfect produce choices for spring. Yes, it’s true my thawing East coast friends. Spring is on the move!

Artichokes – a food favorite for this Italian girl. Don’t be deterred by its rugged exterior. Inside is a heart of deliciousness.

Asparagus – low in calories and high in folate, (important for cell growth and repair), asparagus can make any meal tasty and nutritious. Try it in your next omelet, salad or as a side dish.

Blueberries – yum! This berry isn’t as likely to burden your blood sugar with an unwanted spike. With a lower glycemic index than other berries. Blueberries are a good choice to acommpany your morning oats or as a snack.

Carrots – What can I say about carrots? One of the three amigos in most of my soups.

Peas – look for bright green, plump pods.  Perfect for stir fries.

Rhubarb – known as the “pie plant,” these brightly colored stems are often mixed with fruits to make pies and jams. Simmer stalks for 45 minutes over medium-heat to make rhubardsauce. A tart-sweet sauce similar to sweet and sour.

Strawberries – Can’t leave out this spring-time favorite. Try mixing strawberries with rhubarb to make a yummy pie.

And don’t forget your when in doubt organic list.