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So Sweet Potatoes

Carbohydrates get a bad rep. Luckily, of all the demons in the starch underworld, sweet potatoes are low on the evil scale. Sweeter than their white (potato) counterparts, but with fiber to keep their glycemic index low, these ruddy tubers are tasty like candy without the blood sugar spike! And like most naturally colorful edibles, they are dense with nutrients and health promoting anti-oxidants. Next time the corner of your plate is looking bare, I say look to the so sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes

Tonight I made baked sweet potato fries. What a treat!

baked sweet potato fries

(adapted from a recipe by Skinny Chef)


  • medium sized sweet potatoes
  • olive oil
  • salt & pepper
  • rosemary


  • Cut sweet potatoes into “fry” size sticks. Coat with olive oil and salt.
  • Arrange on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Make sure they aren’t touching.
  • Bake at 400º for 25 minutes or until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
  • Sprinkle with a little more olive oil, pepper, and rosemary and return to oven for another 5 minutes.

baking sweet potato fries

These better bad boys were so good there was no need for ketchup.

sweet potato fries

I served them alongside some cranberry pork and stuffed artichokes. Holy goodness!


Sorry vegetarians and practicing Catholics. I’m a sinning meat-eater for now.  Technically it was Saturday in NY by the time we ate. Jesus may forgive me but will the swine community be so kind? One day I’ll get it right.

Question…what do vegetarians give up for Fridays during Lent? (not a joke, I’m genuinely curious.)


Not Just Plain Oats

Oatmeal may appear to be just a bowl of warm carbs, but “oh contraire!” While oats certainly do contain carbohydrates, they’re a little more complex than that. (aahh, how’s that for a pun!)

Anyway. Unlike simple carbs like refined sugar and white flour, oatmeal is full of fiber and digested slower which means two very good things. One…it makes you feel full longer, perfect for those trying to lose weight, and two…it won’t raise your blood sugar levels as much as quickly, making it a good choice for diabetics.  My favorite reason for eating oats in the morning, they go great with an array of toppings.

I went all the way with this morning’s oatmeal recipe. It was so good. Even the All-Star, an old lover of crappy instant packaged oatmeal, filled with sugar and dehydrated fruits, wished for seconds. Houston, we’ve made contact!

So this recipe was inspired by a can of pumpkin that’s been sitting in my cubbard since we moved in.

Just a couple tablespoons…

Organic Pumpkin

Some blueberries I picked up yesterday, which aren’t local but are SO good…


A touch of vanilla extract, some crushed walnuts, coconut flakes and voila…

pumpkin and blueberry oatmeal

sprinkled with cinnamon…Breakfast deliciousness!

blueberry and pumpkin oatmeal

What’s favorite addition to oatmeal?


November is American Diabetes Month

diabetes month 2009The fight to end this serious disease rages on.  Every year people all over the United States walk, bike, and volunteer to raise money in an effort to walk for a curestop diabetes from continuing to afflict millions of Americans.  Yes, I  said millions.  There are 24 million children and adults in the United States living with diabetes and 57 million Americans are at risk for type 2 diabetes.  November is the month to join the movement.

American Diabetes Association

Diabetes, medically known as diabetes mellitus, refers to a disorder in which the body has trouble regulating its blood glucose, or blood sugar, levels. There are two major types of diabetes:

JDRFType 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile or insulin-dependent diabetes is a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks and destroys certain cells in the pancreas, called beta cells.  These cells normally produce insulin, a hormone that helps convert glucose into energy.  When the beta cells are destroyed, no insulin can be produced, and the glucose stays in the blood where it can cause serious damage to all organ systems of the body.  People with type 1 diabetes must carefully monitor their blood sugar levels and take insulin to stay alive.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes.  This type is an acquired form of the illness and can be more easily moderated with diet and exercise.  People with type 2 diabetes do produce insulin, but the body cannot use the insulin adequately.  Anyone can develop type 2 diabetes, however the highest risk is for those who are over-weight or obese, women who have had gestational diabetes, and people with a family history of type 2 diabetes.   In addition, people who smoke, have inactive lifestyles, or have certain dietary patterns have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

stop diabetesWhile there is no cure for type 1 diabetes, type 2 can be avoided and controlled.  Be mindful of your sugar intake, exercise regularly, and if you think you may have problems with your blood-sugar levels, have them tested by your doctor.  The American Diabetes Associate has donated a portion of their website to help those struggling with diabetes manage their Food and Fitness.

Another GREAT resource for those living with diabetes is DiabetesActNowdan_logo

On this website you can watch short, entertaining, and highly informative videos, called Easy Actions, which contain easy suggestions for you to better improve your health.  You can also sign up for a free account and receive emails that help you track your progress.  The truth is that anyone can benefit from the Easy Actions recommended on this website!

Not enough money or insurance to test your blood sugar levels??  This month there are no excuses?  Walgreens, the nation’s largest drugstore chain, is joining the battle.  More than 1,500 stores nationwide will be hosting their first-ever Diabetes Wellness Events this month.  Each participating store will host a six-hour walk-in clinic offering free blood glucose testing, free A1C testing, pharmacist consultations, AND Walgreens will donate $1 to the American Diabetes Association for every test performed.  Each store’s clinic will be held on one day during either the Nov. 9-13 or Nov. 16-20. To find a Diabetes Wellness Event at a store near you visit the Walgreen’s website.  Just type in your zip code and make sure to check the box next to Diabetes Wellness Event.