Tag: Chinese medicine

  • What a Pear!

    Less than two weeks and it’s autumn once again. The air will start to grow drier as the moistening yin of nature pulls back towards the earth.  In Chinese medicine the organ associated with Autumn is the Lung, also referred to as the “delicate canopy,” and the Lungs much like the foliage of trees are […]

  • Home Alone with No TV/Analyzing the Theories of TCM

    As part of a “saving money, being productive, bettering one’s self” effort, The All-Star and I have opted to see how long we can go without cable.  Meaning, no TV at the LB apartment.  We were always complaining that we don’t have enough time, yet seemed to find hours free for boob tube guilty pleasures.  […]

  • Cupping for Congestion

    We’re home from our holiday and it’s back to work, for me at least.  After our weekend in the mountains and a long drive through the desert, John found himself in bed with chest cold.  This afternoon he came to the office complaining of a dry cough and “super congestion” in his chest.  I decided […]

  • Scarves, Not Just for Fashion

    With the fall months rolling in and the cool weather following suit then it’s time to put away the tank tops and Bermuda shorts and reach for warmer threads.