With the fall months rolling in and the cool weather following suit (if you’re anywhere but the South West that is, where it’s still 90 degrees), then it’s time to put away the tank tops and Bermuda shorts and reach for warmer threads.  Warm sunny days are turning into crisp cool nights and the winds are starting to blow in the reminders that winter is just around the corner.  When I think of fall, I’m reminded of many mothers’ wise words, “Don’t forget your scarf.” scarf3

While the scarf may go in and out of the fashion trends, it should always be a staple in any wardrobe.  Even on the warmer days there may still be a strong breeze that we need to protect our bodies from, especially the neck. In Chinese medicine, the Urinary Bladder channel, which helps to govern the exterior of the body, passes through the back of the neck.  External pathogens such as Wind and Cold can easily enter the body through this channel and cause common cold symptoms.  When your mother said, “Put on your scarf or you might catch cold,”  she wasn’t just uttering an old wives’ tale expression.

The same goes for you So. Cal residents.  Even though the temperatures may still be high, those Santa Ana winds are on their way and they are no more merciful than their colder counterparts.