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  • Day 10 of the Vegan Challenge – Sensitivities

    Still going strong with the Vegan Challenge. We’ve been eating lots of beans and vegetables. My anti-oxidant levels should be through the roof. I feel good. No need for meat yet, though The All-Star explained to me this morning that eating meat makes him happy. I do believe that happiness is an important part of […]

  • To Buy or Not to Buy Organic, That is the Question

    If we’re lucky enough to fight our way through the processed food section of the grocery store and reach the shining light of the produce department, we’re still faced with that grueling question…organic or non-organic?

  • Family Farms

    I was just introduced to this GREAT website called Local Harvest.  There you can find a ton information about locally grown food.  You can also find a farmer’s market near you.  Some of the listings even tell you what products/crops they sell, and in what season they are available.  And the best part of all… […]