Tag: Turning 30 – 30 Day Fitness Challenge

  • Great Start for Week 2 and Day 8

    Last night’s recharge meditation was just what I needed.  Today I feel great and this morning I woke up ready to start a new day and a new Challenge week.  Today’s fitness activity was a 2 1/2 mile run to the beach and back.  My new neighborhood is so cool.  I love jogging past all the little beach houses and […]

  • And on the 7th Day She Rested…In a Final Pose

    To balance the hardcore workout that took place yesterday, The Kahuna wisely advised me to challenge myself in a different way today.  While it is important for me to be successful in this fitness endeavor and continue to be active each day, it is also important to allow my body to recover and for my […]

  • Day 6 Over Already?

    What a day.  I am exhausted.  We were on the slopes snowboarding for at least 6 hours today plus another 2 miles or so of walking, all with about ten pounds of gear on and a snowboard in tow.  If that doesn’t make up for a day without a run then forget screw this challenge.  […]

  • Day Five and a Quarter Mile

    I added distance to my run this morning!   I still ran to the beach and back but took a few extra turns.  It was such a warm sunny morning and my cold was kind enough not to put a damper on my Challenge progress.  I was a little worried last night.  I’m not sure how […]

  • Challenge – Day 3

    Major challenge accomplishment for me today.  The alarm went off at 6:23.  I hit the snooze once but by 6:45 I was in sneakers and on the move.  I went the same route as on Day 1.  It was not my intention but I even shaved a few minutes off my time.  The temperature was […]