The Scoop on Reusable Grocery Bags

They help the environment and allow us to carry an heavier load than their evil plastic counterparts, but like all things there’s a down-side to the reusable grocery bag. Fortunately it’s one that is easily remedied.

reusable grocery bags

A study done in Tuscan, Los Angeles and San Francisco showed traces of e. coli in half of grocery bags sampled. Now, of course making sure you wash your food well is an easy fix to this dilemma, but why tote around a bacteria breeding ground. Don’t forget to periodically wash your reusable grocery bags. This will ensure your bags are germ free and safe for those loose apples you decided not to waste a plastic bag on.

You know, with all the hype in the media concerning food contamination, one has to wonder what role we all play in the whole conundrum. Any thoughts?

2 responses to “The Scoop on Reusable Grocery Bags”

  1. Wow I hadn’t even thought of that aspect, thanks for pointing that out! It happens to be laundry day so it’s perfect timing too:)

  2. I came home tonight and The All-Star put one on my head. I shouted, “No! Didn’t you read my blog!?” He didn’t, and today was not laundry day. Glad I could spread the good word to ya Julia!

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