I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m reading a lot more these days and revisiting books long since returned to the shelf.  One of these books is One Bowl by the author Don Gerrard.  His goal is to help you appreciate and savor your food, all the while learning to eat less, and essentially healthier,  lose weight, and reach enlightenment (just kidding about the last one).  But it definitely inspires “thoughtful eating.”

One Bowl

Gerrard encourages readers to find a bowl, make it special to you, and to eat all of your meals, even sandwiches, from this bowl.  You don’t have to do this forever but it’s recommended until you get used to the change of eating habit.

I have notyet  purchased “my bow”l, but what I have invested in are some smaller bowls, as well as a set of Pyrex storage containers. My favorite of the assorted set is the 2-cup size.  They are a perfect fit for my work-week lunches, and since they’re made of glass, I don’t have to worry so much about popping them in the microwave.  No evil BPA’s leaching into my leftovers!

At first The All-Star was distraught over the size of these 2-cup containers.  He thought they couldn’t hold nearly enough good to feed his hungry lunch-time belly.  I urged him to trust me and he quickly learned that it was just enough!


Many diets encourage the use of smaller dishes to keep you in “portion control” and I can vouch for this first hand.  When the meal is done, I’m always satisfied but never too full and it feels good.  My weight is maintained and I never find myself hitting that after lunch wall with the dreaded “tummy-itis.”

I bought my perfect Pyrex containers at Amazon.com for $40.  They also sell smaller sets and you can probably find them at Target or another place like that.  The small bowls for home were a score at Big Lots.  Just a dollar! How awesome is that?

How do you keep your portions in control?