Hey folks, it’s me, Laura, and I’m stressed.

But aren’t we all?  It’s just part of life.  But that doesn’t mean I should ignore it. My body has been telling me that I’ve got to do something now to manage it.

The obvious idea came to me yesterday while I was having a particularly difficult moment with myself. I felt like there was something that I needed to be doing to get my brain back in balance with my body. The type A’er in me decided I needed to come up with some sort of plan. I’d map out my day, add scheduled activities, journal my process, clear the road to success! And I’d start it all tomorrow.

“Wait, that’s not right.”

I realized that I’m constantly trying to create routines for myself, tasks to follow, a gauge for my progress. More often then not, I fall short of my goals and feel guilty about my failures.  More stress! I’m don’t want to do that this time. I’m need to downsize my angst, not create more.

So then and there I put down what I was doing, set a timer for 15 minutes and closed my eyes. I was met with a lot of resistance at first. My mind wanted to wander, my body wasn’t relaxed. I thought about the timer and wondered where I was at. Then I remembered the breath. I started to count.


Suddenly, without realizing it, I was at 23.

“Was I just meditating!?” I switched to a mantra.


My mind was beginning to get quiet.  My body softened and I shifted naturally into a half lotus pose. There was stillness. Then the timer went off.

“Fifteen minutes already? That was actually pretty quick.”

When I opened my eyes, I felt renewed. There was a silence in my body and my mind was at ease. I had a clarity that I hadn’t felt in days and I was ready to continue.

It’s amazing how something so simple like closing my eyes and breathing could make such a difference. It’s also amazing how difficult it can sometimes be to remember to take a few moments to do so. Reminding myself to practice, forgiving my failures, and celebrating my triumphs are all part of my struggle and part of my journey. Life isn’t a routine, it’s an opportunity. Every moment of everyday is a chance to grow. So until then, I strive forward. I continue to cultivate my wellness, this time unscripted and with a little spontaneity.