As some of you may know, I’m a born and raised New Yorker now living in Southern California.  While my friends and family back East have been taking their winter clothes out of storage and turning up the thermostats, I’m here still in shorts and flip-flops.  You might think I’m nuts to be wishing for the cold but I seem to be having a little bit of what I call “cabana fever.”  It’s like cabin fever only just the opposite.  I say, “drive me up to the mountains, dump 6 feet of snow on me and don’t come back until the crocus are in bloom.”  While the sunshine and warm weather were nice for a while, my body is saying that something ain’t right and my brain is starting to follow suit.

It took me a while to figure out what was wrong.  Random moments of stir crazy, putting on sweaters in hopes that I wouldn’t break a sweat.  You’d suspect I’d be running around in the sunshine, instead I’m curled up on the couch, hoping for rain.  On facebook my friends all beg to trade when my status updates are, “Another day teased with a 30% chance and not a cloud in the sky.”  It seems that my body still thinks it’s back East and is getting ready for winter.  They say you can take the girl out of the humid continental climate, but…well you know the rest.

A Walk in the Woods by John Rivera

photo by John Rivera

In an effort to regain my sanity, John and I decided to head North-East to the mountains that were calling to me like a beacon of replenishment. It was only a 2 hour drive AND a 20 degree temperature difference!  Woohoo!  Just what the doctor ordered.  To my delight, the leaves were a rainbow of color and waking up Sunday morning to the brisk and clean mountain air gave me the recharge I needed.  I even went for meditative walk by myself through the campground.

The lesson I learned from my weekend adventure is an important one.  I need to listen to my inner voice and the message it carries. This time, it was a call to the East for a real change of seasons.  Next time, it could something as simple as an extra dose of fresh veggies or a morning yoga class.  Being in touch with my “self” and my needs keeps me on my track towards wellness.  My body knows what it needs and as long as I’m listening, I have the power to make the difference.
What is your body saying today?