It looks like everyone is trying to play a roll in getting America healthy. The YMCA has declared this week (September 20-27) America on the Move Week.  Their goal is to help communities add small but meaningful changes to their lives and incorporate activities in schools, the workplace and their homes. 

60% of Americans are still not getting the recommended 30 daily minutes of activity and 25% aren’t active at all. The average annual weight gain per adult is 1-2 pounds a year.

Start moving America! The change starts today and it starts with those first few steps. Try to add extra steps to your day by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking in further spots in parking lots. And try to eat better by cutting calories. Bring bottled water to work everyday and say “no” to sugary beverages, pack a lunch of grilled chicken with salsa and some cut veggies and avoid that snack machine. Click the link below for more helpful ideas on how you can start living healthier today and everyday.

America On the Move Week