Last week I was in a particularly sour mood and complained to The All-Star that I was feeling uninspired. Being the problem solving kinda of guy that he is, he suggested I do another challenge.

A challenge?


You may remember my last two challenges. The first was my Turning 30 – 30 Day Fitness Challenge, where I had to partake in some kind of physical activity everyday for 30 days. (Yup, that’s how I handled turning 30.)  I started off strong with jogging and yoga, but failed miserably due to injury, and laziness.

30 day fitness challenge


The second was a 30-day Vegan Challenge in which The All-Star also participated. This challenge was a lot more difficult so it was good to have a buddy.  I’m proud to say we were strict with our choices and the challenge was a success!!! And as soon as it was over, I was ready for some carnage (sorry PETA folks – we all have our weaknesses).

vegan challenge

I definitely see the benefits of these challenges.  Even when I fail, a lesson is usually learned. It keeps my mind focused and I enjoy them…somewhat. So what kind of challenge am I due for this time? I’m really not in the mental position to start omitting things, so it’ll have to be something of addition and, of course, action. I could do something related to the blog but I’m looking for a little more substance.

I’m kinda stumped so I’m turning to you….

Got any ideas? The winner gets do the challenge with me. 😉