In last night’s Emmy goody bag, along with the Nano Ipods and Container Store gift certificates, attendants received some healthy party favors as well.  Among them, Chews4Health Chewable Dietary Supplements were included.  Each tasty chewable tablet contains 16 powerful anti-oxidant ingredients from land and sea, including goji berries, açai and kelp.

Anti-oxidants are powerful neutralizers of free radicals and help our bodies fight against early aging, cancer and heart disease. They can be found in an assortment of detox foods.  Two daily tablets maintain high levels of anti-oxidant and provide recommended doses of Vitamin B12, which is necessary for the normal synthesis of red blood cells, folic acid, which is needed for energy production, and alpha lipoic acid, which plays a crucial role in the mitochondria.  While we can obtain these healthy ingredients from the food we eat, many of us are not eating the 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables we need to do so.  Chews4Health makes it easy and convenient to supplement our diets with these powerful and important components.

Visit the Chews4Health website for product information and to find out how to order.