I don’t know if it’s because my own clock is ticking, but universe has been sending lots of fertility and pregnancy patients my way for acupuncture. The ones already pregnant are, not always, but often, simple cases.  Back pain, nausea, acid reflux, all can be treated with a few weekly treatments. Fertility on the other hand can sometimes be trickier, although there are different fertility programs including customized treatment. Fertility compounding from Absolute Pharmacy proved to be effective for one of my patients who has got pregnant recently.

When a women walks into my treatment room looking for help getting pregnant, the first thing I ask is if they are charting their cycle. Knowing your optimal time to conceive is key in recognizing difficulties with your reproduction and knowing the optimal time to become pregnant.

I’ve found a great website to help my patients understand their menstrual cycles and how to chart them. From basal body temperature to cervical position, FertilityFriend.com lets you record your findings right on the website and it even generates the charts for you.  It’s free to use and they have tutorials to help you along.


I would encourage all women, especially those who are trying to become pregnant to try natural fertility pills to gain more results and to explore this website and begin to chart their cycles. Even if it’s just with a few symptoms, charting your cycle can help you to be more in touch with yourself and your body.