“What’s that candy wrapper doing there? Well don’t you see it? Well pick it up!”

I have a friend, she lives in Philadelphia, she’s the creator of the blog Simply Vegan, she’s studying to be a doctor, and she’s asked us to JOIN HER

In order to modify negative conditions, collaborative and universal participation is vital! Every time I step outside my apartment in Philadelphia I notice the debris littered across the sidewalk and streets. It doesn’t matter if it’s deliberate or unconscious. This form of disrespect and lack of pride in our environment, residence, and our own being needs to stop. This is why I am asking for people to join me in cleaning up our neighborhood!

Tomorrow being Mother’s Day and all, it seems only appropriate to give a little extra love to that big mother we call Nature and help her to gain a little power back over her health.


So today, in an attempt to give a little back to the Earth that Mother Nature has so graciously adorn with beauty, we’re going to the streets…and picking up trash!

Ms. will be at Phillie’s City Center around 4pm EST. If you see her, lend a hand. I have a busy day of work and other commitments so I plan to carry a bag with me and pick up any garbage I see lying around. An on going through the day pick-up! I don’t care if people think I’m strange. If they ask me what I’m doing, I’ll tell them. Maybe we’ll start an epidemic. She’s already got 20 people on her nationwide team. That may sound small but can you imagine if twenty random people when out each day and picked up trash. Well what if we got thirty more… “Can imagine if fifty people a day, I said fifty people a day” going out and picking up trash. “Well friends they may think it’s a movement.” And that’s what this is! A movement to get out there and make the world a little cleaner.