BBQWhile many were firing up the BBQ this Labor Day weekend, I decided to take a different approach to my holiday munchies. Where potato chips and hamburgers once resided, plums and turkey & spinach sandwiches reigned supreme. The end result? More energy for my fun in the sun and less time spent catering to a full and crabby tummy.

I realized, as I packed my lunch bag and headed to the beach, that it may be a sacrifice to forgo all those festivity favorites. The smell of smoldering charcoal was filling the air and my mouth watered as I dreamed of BBQ sauce drenched baby-back ribs and macaroni salad. But I decided to save the fat, calories and carbs for another day. That night, as I drifted into a restful slumber, I looked to my week ahead with a joy that I wouldn’t be hitting the pavement first thing Tuesday morning to burn off a long weekend of nutrition blunders.

I urge you, next time there’s a holiday, to give good food a try. Hand over the hot dog and reach for the chicken breast. Say “see ya next time” to baked beans and reach for the cous-cous. It’ll still taste good, I promise you. Going to a party and worried what your hosts my serve? Offer to bring a delicious and healthy dish. With a little creativity you can create weekend wonders that will make you forget you ever held a bun.

Happy Eating!