In a continued effort to downsize my stress, I went in search of websites that could offer some guidance.  I happened upon YogaVa, a great site geared toward online yoga classes but featuring a blog where the author shares useful information and simple practices to keep your whole body balanced. One post in particular called Grounded Through the Feet reminded me of one of my favorite poses, legs up the wall.

She writes, “Legs Up the Wall works wonders for tired, achey legs and feet. Great for reversing the blood flow and bringing a fresh supply of blood and oxygen to the brain. It works better than a nap as you will feel more energize and restored.”

Sounds good to me. I spent a few minutes last night with Legs Up the Wall.  I quickly winded down and slept I like a baby. You may recall this pose from my previous post during the 30 Day Fitness Challenge. That was a while ago, 18 months to be exact. Wow, how time flies. Interestingly enough, I am wearing the same pants.

They’re Notre Dame pants by the way. The All-Star hates them. Go Irish!