Everyone has a bad day. The weight of the world, no matter how light, can feel like a mountain, and that added stress can get the best of us. Even if you do everything in your power to live a happy, healthy life, moments of “low” are inevitable. It’s how you deal with those moments that counts.

I'm tired of being sweet

When days like this pop up, it can take a bit more than a few deep breaths to pull you back to calm. The important thing to remember that you’ve got all the tools you need to turn a tough moment into a forgotten memory. Even if there is still a task at hand, the unnecessary worry it brings can be a thing of the past.

Next time you’re feeling the crunch, try out some of these stress management tools…

  • Eat something healthy! I know it seems simple but how many times have you reached for something unhealthy to deal with your stress?  Many people are “emotional eaters” and grabbing a clementine instead of a doughnut when emotions run high will not only “feed the feelings” but will give you important phytonutrients to help fight the diseases often caused by stress. Crappy carbs also mess with our cortisol levels which can make you feel even worse. Remember this line when you’re looking for something to munch…Crappy leads to crabby.
  • Stretch out your stress or walk out your worries! Twenty minutes of yoga or a quick walk around the block can really make a difference when the weight of the world is weighing you down. It doesn’t need to be a heavy workout session, just a little bit of movement and a whole lot of deep breathing can bring you back to a place of calm. If you’re at work, get up from your desk and get a few minutes of fresh air. “Go make a copy” or take a water break. When you return to your desk, you’ll feel lighter and refocused.
  • Talk it out! What is it about stress that makes us want to be not so nice bitchy to the ones we love. Remember that friends and family want you to be happy and often are happy to help you through your tough time. So, be nice to your loved ones. A warm embrace is more comforting than a cold shoulder! Regardless of whether or not they give advice, talking about your problems can make them seem a whole lot more manageable. If you don’t feel like talking, just hang with someone. You’ll remember that you’re not in this alone!
  • Take a break! There’s nothing wrong with leaving your troubles for another day. And if a problem needs immediate attention, letting go of the woes will give you the strength you need to get through it.  Stop, take a minute, and remember that everything is going to be okay. For real!

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