Today’s Los Angeles Times online Health section posted an article by Elena Conis entitled Poring over facts about milk: cow’s, goat’s, soy, almond, rice and hemp.  In this article Conis took the time to examine the seven types of milk common to today’s market.  Read the whole story…

What she found is there are pros and cons to each product.  Have a look at the chart below to see if you can decipher why one might be better than another.

milk comparison

What Colis found is that not every milk is good for every person.  Cow and goat’s milk are high in fat and cholesterol, and contain lactose, a common food allergen, but are also high in important nutrients such as protein and calcium.  Soy milk is a good source of protein but there is an ever growing concern over the estrogen-like compounds it contains.  Rice milk is another alternative, but is often filled with sweetener and lacks protein.

It seems that the best way to decide which to pour over your cereal is to understand your body’s individual needs.  Have your cholesterol levels checked, find out how many calories you need per day to maintain a healthy weight, be aware of your food sensitivities, and make sure you are getting your daily dose of recommended nutrients, whether they be from food or a supplemental source.