As many of you know, I am now able to walk to work. It is a great and wonderful thing. But like all things in life, it has its drawback. I’m a business owner now and can no longer get by with just my smart-phone. But how to I enjoy my pleasant walk to work with all the “stuff” I need to bring with me?

The distance from my apartment to Earth and Air Wellness is about 0.4 miles. No problem if I’m taking just a stroll, but even a short walk with an over-sized shoulder bag can reap havoc on my upper body. So I went out and bought a rolling briefcase. rolling briefcaseI had been putting off buying one for a week and a half and I’m glad I did because yesterday Macy’s was having a “One Day Sale” on luggage so I ended up making out like a bandit! Thank you, Universe! The label says Essentials and it really is. Despite the fact that it makes me feel a little like a dweeb, that’s a price I’m willing to pay in order to keep my body at it’s best.

The disadvantages to carrying a heavy purse truly outweigh the more fashionable benefits. First, the heavier weight on one side leads to improper posture. No one wants that. Then the muscles are forced to over-compensate. More poor posture. Over time this leads to a shortening of the muscles at the shoulder which can eventually cause tension-pain that may spread to the neck and back. Even the muscles on the opposite side can be affected. Then there’s the strain on the shoulder that comes from awkwardly lifting. It’s just not a good thing.clutch

As fashionable bags get bigger and heavier, it really is a wonder that every woman who walks into my clinic isn’t complaining of shoulder pain. I know I do. The reality is there is really nothing practical about anything more than a wallet. My solution was simple. But surely I won’t be bringing a rolling briefcase out shopping. That’s why, thanks to my Mom who gave me a pretty purple clutch for my birthday, I’ll have the perfect grab-and-go bag without all the pain and hassle.